A New Adventure in Phone/Tablet Photography Classes

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted in Pinkie Pictures and that’s because I’ve been busy with a new business adventure offering phone/tablet photography classes!

After photographing years of travel, events, and good times I’ve come to appreciate the ever improving quality of phone/tablet cameras and the convenience of using them to capture the moment.  Seeing a demand for the basics of good photography, Thumb Print Images was developed.  Thumb Print Images offers phone/tablet photography classes to help you better shoot, edit, and create products.

Let’s face it… 

Most of us have come to love the convenience of shooting with our phone/tablet camera while we travel, and enjoy sporting events or family time.  And why not? The technology these days is awesome for traveling light, capturing the moment and instantly sharing with others.  (Don’t get me wrong.  I still love my big girl Canon DSL and the clarity for larger format products will never be replaced by my little ol’ Samsung Galaxy.) 

But do you find that your phone/tablet images just don’t have that snap or creativity you see in other people’s pics?  And you just aren’t the kind of person to YouTube research, Google tutorials or ask some tweener for help.  So what do you do?

Join me for phone/tablet photography classes in small group formats of 4 to 6 people to give you that best hands-on learning experience.  Or contact me to schedule your own Party! 

Sign up for a class or book a Party HERE(Classes are always being schedule so be sure to sign up for my blog announcing the next adventure.)

Fun in great visually loaded venues guaranteed!

Making a difference, together.

This past summer sprouted a wonderful opportunity to work with long time and very talented friend Jayson Carpenter as he was approached by the Children’s Receiving Home of Sacramento to provide Senior Portraits.  Jayson called me in to help and together, through the generous donations of many, we were able to raise over $1000 and provide 5 CRH graduates new clothing and shoes for their session.  He shared his gratitude in this Vimeo clip.

Jacob was my subject, and with his permission, I thought you’d enjoy seeing of few of his favorites images.  Since our session, he has started college and a new job, as well as moved into a place of his own!



We will be finishing up the sessions this Fall and hope to post more pictures as permission allows from the CRH and kids.  Our long term plan is to develop a program where Sacramento Portrait Photographers, Makeup Artists, and Hair Stylists  offer their services to those unable to afford the milestone of a personalized Senior Portrait Session.  If you would like to participate or help out with donations, please contact me on Facebook or sign up for my blog.



Kären - Thank you Pinkie for your BIG heart and BEAUTIFUL eye! You always bring out the internal beauty of those you photograph. You are so talented and giving – thanks!!

Doing Great Things for Families

I feel fortunate to have entered the Stanford Youth Solutions circle and to know the amazing people that work there.  Recently at the State of the Youth Address, CEO, Dr. Laura Heintz, offered some interesting statistics about their work.   Many people have heard of what used to be called the Stanford Home for Children as they have been around the Sacramento area since 1900, but many more need to be aware of what great things they are doing in the community.

Now called “Stanford Youth Solutions” (SYS), helps families.  They work with the entire family to provide Therapeutic Behavioral Services, Flexible Integrated Treatment, Foster Care when needed, “Wraparound” care, and Juvenile Justice & Crime Prevention.  And they’re getting great results.  Take a look at the 2012-2013 report:

  • 85% of their foster youth remain in stable placements.
  • 60% of their foster youth established permanency.
  • 90% of their youth in Therapeutic Behavioral Services sustained stable placements.
  • 87% of their youth met their treatment goes in Flexible Integrated Treatment.
  • 88% of their youth in Juvenile Justice Crime Prevention completed Functional Family Therapy.

But it isn’t an easy road.  They are dealing with 90% of their youth who are below the poverty level; more than 90% have experienced acute trauma; 75% have a history of violence; 60% have a reported history of substance abuse; and most of them have experienced multiple failed placements in foster care, sometimes in excess of 12-15 homes.  The numbers are overwhelming, and some of the personal stories I’ve heard have been distressingly sad yet ended with sailing inspirational outcomes.

At the end of the day, the SYS efforts create a lot of great smiles.


So how can you help?

Visit the SYS website for events, LIKE SYS on Facebook, contribute and recruit others, join their Backpack Drive and Holiday Gift Drive, and come to Vintage 2014 on May 1st.  Make others aware of their good work and support their efforts.

Because at the end of the day, you know you can make a difference in someone else’s life.

admin - Hi Philanthe,

Yes, they would love to take a large glass bowl donation. Everything is appreciated. Please contact Erin for details – edeyoung@youthsolutions.org.

Phyllis K. Wendelboe - Looks like a great cause! What types of things do they auction for their events? Would a custom large glass work be something I could donate be appropriate?

Nicholas Rotas - Thanks for sharing–great story.

Jodie Barringer Myers - Wow! Looks like a great cause, Pinkie! You are always doing wonderful things and helping others.

Darin’s darling little girls

Darin is a lucky guy.  He’s the proud pop of these three darling little girls, and you can only imagine the energy, drama, fun and laughter in this home.


I love the outfits and embellishments they chose to wear, especially all the pink!


They were fun to work with and I hope to capture their personalities again soon.  In the mean time, let’s just hope Darin keeps his sanity when they all start liking boys!



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