Welcome to Pinkie Pictures, Celebrating 20 years of Life

Pinkie” is my longtime nickname and I’m a portrait photographer.  It is my joy to create images that capture a moment in time for you to then enjoy forever.  It is my intent to present the beauty in all people and places, and to render the subject in a way that gives pause and creates a smile.

When you look at life through a lens, you see a level of beauty and composition that might otherwise pass you by in a glance.  But capture that moment, download that image, crop it, add contrast, change or remove color, alter shadows and highlights, or just leave it alone, and you suddenly see something that the ordinary eye won’t allow you to see.  I believe that is why one becomes a photographer.  A true photographer will see something beyond the ordinary glance and presents it in a way that captures the true meaning behind a moment in time.

My experiences have allowed me to work with a variety of subject.  I love photographing the soon-to-be Graduates, delivering them a glimpse of how uniquely great they are;  I love seeing the dynamics in families, and the comparisons between generations.  All people and places inspire me.  Through my lens, I hope you are inspired as well.

Let’s celebrate Life together!


The Kennedys, celebrating 50 years of Love.

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